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Highest quality 3D prints & woodworking

Customised for your tabletop needs

Our aim is to help you enjoy your hobbies even more!

Reach greater heights with our ready to play miniatures, learn how to paint them, use our skills to develop your ideas and designs, get guidance on making lasercut or 3D printed cosplays, or simply choose from our fully customisable ready to go accessories such as dice trays, dice towers, painting racks and cosplay items. The possibilities are endless!

Highest quality

As the biggest 3D printshop of the Netherlands specialised in miniatures and tabletop related items, we strive to help you enjoy your hobbies by offering our expertise and 3D prints of the highest quality. We’re here for the love of shared hobbies and want to make quality items that support our hobbies accessible to everyone!

Online & in stores

We’re spreading our love for nerdy hobbies every day with the help of our amazing partners! We believe that we can help each other grow and enjoy our hobbies together, therefore our products are on display in several physical stores in the Netherlands, during events and in online streams for you love!

Can’t find what you’re looking for?


We bring your ideas to life! You can have your designs 3D printed or lasercut by us, but we also assist in developing your ideas and designs to discover what is possible and works best for you. Or you can choose what suits you best from our customisable designs in our webshop.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

See what we can do!

The possibilities are endless! These are examples of 3D printed and lasercut items we’ve made that you can buy or use as inspiration for your next project. And when you know what you want to do (or when you don’t and you need advice), you know where to find us!

We have more examples of our work on our Instagram! We post updates, projects, discounts and more. Let us know what you think!

Who we team up with

We offer 3D models of several great artists including our main designers below and make sure we do their work justice by printing the models on the highest possible quality:

Curious to see our models in real life? You can check them out in several game stores in the Netherlands, at events where we showcase them and in streams on Twitch where our talented partners paint them!

Who we are and why we do this

What started out as a hobby gone rogue is now a blooming business that aims to help others enjoy their hobbies and develop their skills. We believe that high quality miniatures and tabletop accessories should be available to everyone, not break the bank and be customizable to individual needs. That’s where we come in, because at MiniPrinten anything is possible and we love to develop new cool ideas with our partners as well as with our customers. Lasercutting and 3D printing are the future and with it customisation, so we’re curious to hear what we can offer you! Have a look on our ”about us” page below to get familiar with the possibilities!

Think outside of the box!

When everything is possible, it’s hard to know where to start creating! That’s why we would love for you to tell us what your tabletop needs are! Anything is possible, so you can dabble in the world of cosplay, Warhammer proxies, tabletop games or even online games.

Have you thought of custom items for:


off, especially for you

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