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Techniques & materials

We’re a CAD/CAM business, that means we can use various techniques and materials to create your products. Not sure what material or technique you would like? Let us advise you!


Are you interested in having items of the highest detail made in bulk; cheap, fast and zero waste? We can do it for you!

Used for: Bulk producing in the sharpest resolution. Size wise up to 50mm and in quantities starting from 100, up to 100.000 pieces this option is very budget friendly. The resin we use is very sturdy, durable and safe to use as toys.

Why: It’s fast, cheap, has super high resolution and is zero waste since we 100% recycle the miscasts and sprues.

How it works: With our Asiga 3D printer we create the perfect masters for your project. We use the prints to create a silicon mould in which we inject strong, toy safe resin. This way, we can produce 16 models a minute!

Details: Resolution exactly as detailed as the master used for the mouldmaking, so in our case 10 µm.

Sustainability: The resin used is shredded and 100% recycled and reused in the next cast. This means that your product is fully recyclable as well, and the entire process is zero waste.

Colours: Any colour you want.

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-13 at 10.01.49 PM

3D printing

We have two different types of 3D printers: resin printers and fdm printers. They are used for different purposes: our miniatures, for example, are made with resin while our accesories are made from fdm. Beneath we’ll explain why and if you have any further questions or if you need advise, let us know and we’ll gladly help!

Resin (SLA) prints

Used for: Miniatures and highly detailed work, perfect to be painted.

Why: Resin printers create incredible resolution details up to 20 µm without visible layers. 

How it works: Liquid resin is exposed to light and solidified in very thin layers, thus building up the model.

Details: Around 20 µm or 0,002 mm

Sustainability: All our resins are bio-based (20% recycled) and dental grade.

Colours: Most colours including (half) translucent. The miniatures we ship out are standard in grey if not discussed otherwise.

The raccoon is printed by us, photos and models by: FaeFireMiniatures

Filament (FDM) prints

Used for: Gaming accessories like dice towers and vaults, missing parts, mechanical parts etc.

Why: FDM is generally stronger than resin and comes in many different colours, even multicoloured and sparkly, so there’s no need for painting.

How it works: Plastic strands are heated and build up a model layer for layer from the ground up. The lines on the model are indicators of the layers, but our machines are finetuned to make them as sleek as possible.

Details: Down to 0.1 mm layer height

Sustainability: All our filaments are 80% recycled and 20% newly introduced filaments otherwise the material is not pure enough to ensure quality. We use the filaments up until they’re finished.

Colours: Any colour, even multicoloured, two-toned, rainbow, sparkly etc.

We’ll happily advise you if you’re interested in printing with other materials such as ABS.


Examples of filament colours we have in stock:

These are examples of SUNLU and Prusament, but there are many more possibilities, so let us know what you’re looking for!

Card holder

Lasercutting & engraving

Used for: Anything from gaming accessories like dice towers and vaults, puzzles, signs, boxes, artwork, pins, cosplay items, diorama’s etc.

Why: Our special engraving lasers can engrave beautifully the most intricate patterns out of fabrics, wood, metal etc. They can also cut through a few centimetres of material to create signs, boxes etc.

How it works: Light is concentrated and generates power that cuts through or engraves what is in front of it.

Details: Sharp and intricate

Sustainability: All the wood we use is either sourced from trees that had to be cut in Utrecht or is from Dutch origin, thus reducing transport and reusing leftover wood. We don’t use animal products and therefore engrave high quality skai leather instead of real leather.

Colours: Any colour of plexiglass, leather, wood etc.

CNC engraving, milling & cutting

Wood, plastic, trespa, metal

Used for: DM screens, signage, solid wood dice trays, dice vaults, miniature plinths, medieval & Celtic patterns, metal technical parts etc.

Why: A traditional, handcrafted and premium look and feel of solid wood can only be achieved by milling. Moreover, some metals, plastics and glass cannot be laser engraved or cut to our standards.

How it works: A computer controlled endmill draws patterns in the material using a fast rotating milling or carving bit.

Details: Engravings can have a beautifully V-carved shape. Depending on the material, the CNC reaches a resolution up to 0.05mm.

Sustainability: Depends on the preferred material, but all the wood we use is either sourced from trees that had to be cut in Utrecht or is from Dutch origin, thus reducing transport and reusing leftover wood.

Colours: Any colour of plexiglass, trespa, wood etc.

CNCed DM screen


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