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About us

We are MiniPrinten, a 3D printing and woodworking company based in Utrecht. We want to give everyone a chance to enjoy the highest quality miniatures and accessories for their hobbies by making custom projects and offering our services at reasonable prices. What can we help you with?

Meet our team

MiniPrinten started in 2020 with Jelle and Marije, but since we’re growing and expanding our business every week, we now have an ever-growing team that we’re very proud of! We strive to be as inclusive as we can and would love for you to meet our team!



Let’s start with our adorable mascot! Meet Pieter the displacerkitty: named after the location of our workshop (the former Pieter Baan Centre in Utrecht), Pieter loves to walk in and out as he pleases and is a neighbourhood favourite.

Jelle & Marije

Owners / Design, 3D printing & woodworking

We are Jelle & Marije, the original 2 people running MiniPrinten. When Covid hit, we lost a big part of our business and decided to take the plunge into 3D printing. What started as a shared hobby (playing D&D with friends, and making and painting mini’s for them) evolved into something we could have never imagined: a blooming business where we get to share our favourite nerd-stuff with the world!


Commission painter

We quickly teamed up with Axel, a professional miniature painter and the best one we know in the Netherlands! He does all our commissions and has a fixed spot in our workshop, not only as a colleague but also as our DM!

Emma, Saskia & Sol

3D printing

Started as intern, Emma is now head of our 3D printing team! Together with Saskia she makes sure all the orders get processed, the 3D printers work and our quality remains high! Sol also continued to work for us after their internship and is in charge of custom 3D printing projects as well as our cosplay collaborations.



Ivan is our woodmaster specialised in the CNC milling machines. Together with Jelle, he creates amazing DM screens, displays, dicetrays etc. and keeps experimenting to see what else we can do!

Michiel, Chris & Teun


Chris and Teun make sure that there are awesome miniatures in our webshop for you to find! Michiel and Marije on the other hand work on improving our website every time to make sure you have the smoothest experience and everything is easy to find.


3d Printing / Woodworking / Marketing / And more!

We love to share our hobbies as well as teach people new skills. That’s why we help interns develop 3D printing and woodworking skills, but also marketing in our little nerd niche. We offer interns the chance to formulate their own goals and give them responsibility over their own projects while guiding them along the way.

Our mission

We love to play and paint minis for Dungeon and Dragons and Warhammer, but we missed access to high quality yet affordable miniatures. That’s why our goal is to give everyone access to awesome stuff for their favourite hobbies by creating high quality affordable products that are customisable to everyone’s individual needs.

How we do it

We use various techniques to create our products and offer our services:

We use resin printers to make our miniatures as the resolution is very high and there are no visible layers leading to the sharpest details

FDM printers are used to make most of our hobby accessories, such as dice towers, as filament comes in as many colours you can think of and is quite sturdy

We use our laser cutters and CNC milling machines to cut and engrave wood, metal and plastics. These techniques enable us to make racer sharp engravings and cut up to 2,5 meters of materials!

CNC milling machines
Laser cutters
Resin printers
FDM printers
Models made

Custom work or ready to go

We do a lot of custom projects where you can have us print or cut your design or have us guide you in the process of coming up with a good design.
The other option is to choose products from our webshop, some even with customisable options! For this, we print the design of the following amazing artists:

Our partners & events

We’ve partnered up with various game stores in the Netherlands as well as cosplayers, streamers and a commission painter. So, if you would like to see our miniatures and cosplay items in real life, we recommend to check them out! We also show our products at events and host painting clinics, so you can meet us there or drop by at our workshop!

Want to become a partner or have us at your event? Get in touch!

Our customers

We have a variety of different customers, from tabletop enthusiasts to businesses wanting custom projects. Find out what they think about us on Trustpilot or via the verified Trustpilot reviews below:



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