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Would you like to see us in action, do a painting workshop or feel and buy our products? We’re present at multiple events where you get to do all that!

What we do


Painting workshops

Have you always wanted to enhance your painting skills? Together with Pink Orc Studios, we host painting workshops in which we share tips and tricks to bring your vision to life in a fun and fast way., including a high quality miniature of course!


Lecture: 3D printing & CAD for beginners

Are you interested in 3D printing, have questions about it or simply want to share experiences with others? In this interactive lecture, we explain how 3D printing works, what printer suits your needs and dive into other computer assisted techniques such as lasercutting.


Lecture: 3D printing - beyond the basics

Want to take your 3D printing skills to new heights? We give interactive lectures, where we will dive deeper into 3D printing, what technique works best for what project, answer questions and solve some common problems that might occur during your project.



Do you just want to say hi or buy our products? Come by at our booth where we display our products, printing skills, a 3D printer and sometimes even our SiOcast! You can stop for a chat, try out our stuff and get some freebies.

Would you like us to host a workshop or lecture at your company or event? 

Upcoming events

Have a look at our calendar to see at which events you can spot our stand and workshops in the future:

Castlefest – August 1-4 at Kasteel Keukenhof, Lisse

Abunai! – August 9 – 11 at NH Koningshof Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Spiel Messe – October 3 – 6 in Essen, Germany

FACTS – November 2 – 3 in Ghent, Belgium

SpellenspektakelNovember 9 – 10 at Jaarbbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands

Previous events

Curious to what we do at events? Have a look at these photos from previous events and you can get the general idea!


Roll Initiative Con – April 6 & 7 in Ewijk, Gelderland


Roll Initiative Con – April 15 in Ewijk, Gelderland

El Mundo Fantasia – July 8-9 at Familiepark Mondo Verde, Landgraaf

Castlefest – August 3-6 at Kasteel Keukenhof, Lisse

Abunai! – August 11 – 13 at NH Koningshof Veldhoven, The Netherlands

Gameforce Nederland October 7 – 8 in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Spiel Messe – October 5 – 8 in Essen, Germany

FACTS – October 21 – 22 in Ghent, Belgium

SpellenspektakelNovember 4 – 5, 2023 at Jaarbbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands


AnimeCon 2022 – June 10 – 12 at De Broodfabriek Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Abunai! – August 12 – 14 at NH Koningshof Veldhoven, The Netherlands

SpellenspektakelNovember 5 – 6 at Jaarbbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands


SpellenspektakelNovember 6 – 7 at Jaarbbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands


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