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Painting service

Have your project, 3D printed mini, Warhammer army or Gundam professionally painted by us! Have a look at the different options and fill out the form for more information.

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Meet our painter

We have teamed up with Axel from Pink Orc Studios to offer you the best possible painting job. We share our workshop, so you can have your mini 3D printed by us and then have it painted by Axel, without you having to move a finger. Smooth sailing, right?

We also go to events together to host painting workshops featuring our mini’s and Axel’s know-how, so if you want to check our skills out, consider going to one of the events we’re going to or visit our workshop!

Pick your painting quality

You can have your items painted exactly as you like! As Axel says: ‘’You want a pink orc, we paint a pink orc!’’

There are many different ways to paint miniatures. Do want your mini to look cool super fast and cheap? We suggest going for dry brushing which we offer starting from 2 depending on the model. If you want different colours and more details, check out the different options below. The prices below are an indication and depend or your specific models and wishes. Click on the images to see the examples up close.

Tabletop ready

From €9,-

Stunning looks, but nothing fancy! All your mini needs to show up to the party without feeling naked.​

Basic color layers
Basic shading, wash
Simple highlights
Basic quality control

Tabletop ready PLUS

From €19,50

The true “Best value” paintjob. Our science department came up with the optimal formula for what a mini needs to look great without going overboard.

Multiple color layers
Specific shading
Multiple highlights
Advanced quality control


From €35,-

You want a bit more than just “Standard”? Pick “Extensive” to get a good mix of high quality techniques to get the maximum out of your mini. 

Multiple color layers
Specific shading
Edge highlighting
Advanced quality control

Display quality

Price on request

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fanciest mini of them all?!? Anything goes, we figure out together what satisfies your needs!

Maximum color layers
Specific shading, fading
Edge highlighting
Free-hand details
Extensive basing details
Non-metallic metal (if needed)
Maximum quality control

Example of a printed and painted miniature designed with Hero Forge

Design your own mini!

And have it printed and painted by us!

Send us your 3D file or create your own miniature on Hero Forge or Eldritch Foundry, pick the colours and have it printed and painted by us! 

Even if your mini is not from one of those websites, we can still print it and paint for you, but really you can have any mini painted. You can use these websites to show what colours you would like to see where on your model to make it easy for our painter to see what it is that you want, but this is not necessary. He’ll give tips and will make sure that you’re happy with the end result! Fill in the form below to let us know about your wishes!

Let us know what we can do for you!

Fill in the form below to let us know your painting wishes. Not sure what you want yet? No problem! Get in touch and we’ll help you decide!

Please note that Axel is on holiday until the 29th of July. This might cause a slight delay in turnover times.


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