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We’re proud partners of several game stores, a miniature painter, streamer and cosplayers. We would love for you to meet them!

Commission painter

Part of the MiniPrinten is off course Axel from Pink Orc Studios! As a super talented painter, Axel leads the painting workshops we organise together, but you can also have your miniatures and other models professionally painted by him!


Printed by us, painted and photo by Cryocheese

Twitch streamers

We’ve teamed up with Chris a.k.a. CryoCheese on Twitch! His channel is dedicated to celebrating the miniature hobby by learning, growing and improving together which perfectly matches our mentality as a company! If you’re looking to learn more about painting and kitbashing, and watch him paint our miniatures make sure to check out his weekly streams!

What’s better than watching the adventures of an awesome DnD adventuring party? Watching the adventures of an awesome DnD adventuring party in your own language! And that’s exactly what DM Skyguy organised for all DnD fans in the Netherlands. Go check out his streams on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, or play along through the chat on Thursday afternoons.

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MiniPrinten is getting into cosplay! We have teamed up with talented seasoned and starting cosplayers and together we’re exploring the possibilities of 3D printing and lasercutting for costume making!  Get in contact if you want to use our skills for your cosplays!

Team Paraluna

Sophie and Liza are two experienced and talented cosplayers from the Netherlands who frequently participate in international championships with their home made costumes. They love to experiment and help others develop their skills, so they are a perfect match with our vision of helping others develop their hobbies and skills!


Photo by: Kaleidoscopy photography



Poeka Witts

You might have spotted her towering over everybody on her stilts: Poeka makes incredible cosplays that are hard to miss. And she is allround! From makeup artist to acrobat, she does it all. Now, with our help, she’s adding 3D printing, CNC’ing and lasercutting to her arsenal and we can’t wait to see what we come up with together!

Solirions Cosplay

Kelly and Martijn are incredible artists with heaps of potential. They created their first ever cosplay by hand and printed the bow themselves! That’s where we come in, because together we’re going to push boundaries and experiment with 3D printing, CNC’ing and lasercutting even more!


Photo by: Dani’el van den Berg (@dmvdberg)


Photo by: Gryphinic (@gryphinic)

Dishy Crafts

Evan a.k.a. Dishy Crafts is an amazingly talented creator who makes gorgeous cosplay props and clothing. We’re happy to work together with him and the Foamtastische Huiskamer to learn from each other and create realistic weapons and other cosplay items!


Intricate patterns, fine details, translucent wings and 3D printed gems, Jinouga creates it all. We’ve teamed up with Esra a.k.a. Jinouga who creates and designs the most amazingly detailled cosplays and bodysuits. Moreover, we love that she shares her skills with the world through her tutorials and webshop! 


Hobby / cosplay stores

To support our cosplayers and create awesome cosplay items for you to buy, we teamed up with the Foamtastische Huiskamer to engrave and cut all kinds of materials! They organise workshops and have so many different hobby materials including everything you need for cosplay and diaroma’s.


We’ve teamed up with Jinouga who creates intricate bodysuit patterns and cosplays. You can buy ready to print patterns from her webshop and we’ll be making custom foam parts and 3D printed parts to compliment them!

Game stores

Want to see our models and accessories in real life, hold them or even buy them? You can find them in store displays in the following Dutch cities:

Den Haag

Korte Houtstraat 13
2511 CC Den Haag
Tel: 06 45329692


Weena 109
3013 CH Rotterdam
Tel: 06 11097893


Oudegracht 183
3511 NE Utrecht
Tel: 030 7371007


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