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Agama Telcoans (Poses)

30,00 incl. BTW

The Telcoan were once plentiful throughout the jungles, before the rise of the mammals. They were a curious evolutionary fork, a bridge between the reptilian beasts and the reptilian people that became the Agama. They passed into legend thousands of years ago, at least until the goblin wizard Grindleflox restored the memory of them with his strange potions. Agama who experience the transformation into Telcoan exist in a transitional state. They gain a powerful physical form with multiple limbs, but they are trapped within a limited intellect barely capable of tool use. They are more than beast, but not by much. Roars and shrieks are easy but complex language is challenging. (50mm base, between 80 and more than 100mm tall depending on their pose).

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