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Agama Vanquishers (Poses)

30,00 incl. BTW

The Agama Vanquisher was never a true species that walked the earth, it was a temporary blessing granted to great heroes of the Agama by their serpentine gods. How Grindleflox managed to replicate this gift is a question that even he has  not learned the answer to. In any case, the faintly glowing champions appear in full regalia, with their ancient weapons in hand and an expression of eagerness to rejoin the fields of battle once more. Vanquishers fight with obvious joy, hooting and shouting as if participating in a game rather than a life or death struggle. They congratulate their enemies on a particularly effective attack and offer advice to their opponent even as they are striking them down, as if their suggestions will be useful in the afterlife. When defeated they often give a silent salute of respect before returning their host to their natural form. (50mm base, about 90mm tall depending on pose).

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