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Arveriaanse Woudwachters (Arverian Woodkeepers)(Poses)

12,00 incl. BTW

Arverian Woodkeeper
During the war of the gods in Aera, after the Tyrant-God Tialevor corrupted the sacred tree of life Yaldain, a group of Arverians managed to escape from Aera and reach the continent of Rotvar, bringing the magical seeds of the tree Yaldain.
Today the Arverians, a proud but peaceful people, protect the sacred Rotvarian forest of Deeprootsfrom the corruption, thanks to their great skill in the use of bows, spears and shields, repelling any threat such as the Gurunda manace, or the Dumlokwho by order of Tialevor want to destroy the reborn Yaldain.





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