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Avatar of Celadren

95,00 incl. BTW

The Avatar of Celadren is one of many physical manifestations of the Goddess of the Moon, Mother of Night, whose domains include secrets and temptation. She is shifting and whimsical like the changing moon, and both shadows and moonlight are hers to use as she wishes. She appears as a slight woman with pale skin and colorless eyes which make her expressions difficult for mortals to interpret. Her hair shifts with the luminous pastels of moonstone.
The Avatar of Celadren uses moonlight and shadow to her advantage, controlling both. She prefers to watch her opponents struggle with themselves and their own nature, and attacks them with confusion and with their own shadows, while slipping quietly out of range from one pool of moonlight to the next.

(This is an impressively large model with a 100mm base rising to about 200mm high. Part of the model is her dragon companion, Penumbrus, which is a massive Moon Dragon coiled around the base.)

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