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Colossal Inferno Drake (Poses)

80,00 incl. BTW

What happens if an iconic creature from a decade-old Japanese franchise is re-imagined so that it could fit into a modern-day, grimy fantasy TV show? Sure, it might not be as graceful as the dragons of other shows, but it’s striking, iconic, and certain to make a gorgeous centerpiece of any collection. Sporting massive wings, a body covered in massive scaled pieces, a layered neck and stomach, and an impressive pyrotechnical show, this model is a challenge and pleasure to paint with opportunities to paint fire effects, leathery wings and a collection of differently colored scales. Plus, who didn’t dream to own one of these when they were young? (Two different versions, both quite large! 250mm tall with outstretched wings, and a body 207mm long when fully extended, it’s a beefy model. See picture for detailed measurements.)

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