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Defiled Hagservants (Poses)

12,00 incl. BTW

The defiled hagservants are an extra bit of insult laid against those who fail to give the hags an appropriate level of respect. Individuals who prove troublesome find their loved ones kidnapped, murdered, and brought back as semi-reptilian corpses of impressive strength. This is how the hags operate. They don’t just want to defeat their enemies, they strive to break them psychologically in ways that cannot be fixed with simple clerical magic.
Hagservants are barely above animal intelligence, but when directed precisely by a cunning master they follow orders to the letter and without hesitation. This makes their effective tactical intelligence much higher than their actual brains could hope to muster. Without direction they become as idle as machines, their slack jaws and empty eyes serve as a clear indication that there is nothing left of their former lives.

(25mm base, ~35mm tall).

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