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Draugr ruiters (Draugars riders) (modulair)

12,0015,00 incl. BTW

Among the ranks of Draugars you’ll find the fearsome Draugars Riders. Ages ago they were the valorous members of the cavalry on the nordic society, but nowadays, undead and accursed to never find rest, they still patrol the exterior areas of Burial Grounds and Dungeons searching for intruders.

The set includes: 6 Bodies/Horses and 6 Arms sets / Weapons). All Arms / Weapons fit any bodies from Set: Draugars Part 1 & Draugars Part 2 &  Olaf the Greedy – Cursed King. Which gives Hundreds different possible miniatures to be created.

In principe bieden we de prints aan zoals op de afbeeldingen. Mocht toch de wens bestaan voor een specifieke versie, gelieve dit via de mail te doen. De site is beperkt om alle mogelijke combinaties weer te geven.

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