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Dwarven Oathbreakers – Dwarf 4(Modular)

12,00 incl. BTW

Casteless dwarves who committed heresy and crimes, exiled out of the mountain as an alternative to a death sentence. In the Ashen Era, the Oathbreakers redeem themselves fighting for Lok-Badar, hiding its secret location from the enemies of the dwarves.

These master of survival wield a huge variety of weapons, including spears, axes and hammers, different crossbows and even an array of Draknaria (red gun-powder) blunderbuss. The most iconic Oathbreaker weapon, however, is the Dwarven Axe-Gun.

This set includes:

– 1 Highly Detailed Modular Dwarf

– Modular Weapons: Axes, Axes Gun, Blunderbusses, Crossbows, Quiver, Hammer, Lantern, Mug, Shield, Spear, Stendard, Hands and fists.

– 1 Custom Base

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