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Dwarven Oathbreakers (modular set+heroes)

87,00 incl. BTW

Casteless dwarves who committed heresy and crimes, exiled out of the mountain as an alternative to a death sentence. In the Ashen Era, the Oathbreakers redeem themselves fighting for Lok-Badar, hiding its secret location from the enemies of the dwarves.

These master of survival wield a huge variety of weapons, including spears, axes and hammers, different crossbows and even an array of Draknaria (red gun-powder) blunderbuss. The most iconic Oathbreaker weapon, however, is the Dwarven Axe-Gun.

Gino the Brewmaster

Also as “Grandpa Brewmaster” for his talents, is the founder of the Dwarven Oathbreakers. Worried for the Ash Alfar and Ogre invaders who almost exterminated the Dwarven race, Gino convinced the Dwarven high councillors that prisoner and heretics are better used to defend the Dwarven kingdom rather than rot in a cell. The Brewmaster warrior offered himself to be the leader of these people, helping them to find the right path in a new harsh life of redemption. His unique fighting style includes the use of a set of handcrafted runic fists, enchanted from Helga to be light in Gino’s arm, but extremely heavy on the skull of his enemies.

Helga Windfury

No one knows the true age of Helga, who prolongated her life trough the dark rituals who get her exiled from the Dwarven Kingdom. Thanks to Gino she learnt how to use her talents for the good. Helga Windfury is a fearsome warrior who uses her mystic abilities to invoke the power of the thunder, both to imbue her weapons or to generate massive storms, extremely useful for their quest. After dozen of years in the Oathbreaker, she became a sort of spiritual guide for the newcomers.

This set includes:

6 modular units:

– 3 Highly Detailed Modular Dwarves (Male) + 1 bonus Modular A with no smoking pipe

– 3 Highly Detailed Modular Dwarves (Ladies)

– Modular Weapons: Axes, Axes Gun, Blunderbusses, Crossbows, Quiver, Hammer, Lantern, Mug, Shield, Spear, Stendard, Hands and fists.

– 6 Custom Bases

Gino the Brewmaster

– 1 Highly Detailed Dwarf Hero

– 1 Highly Detailed Dwarf Hero (No smoking pipe)

– Modular weapons: Keg Backpack, Runic fists, Axe

– 1 Custom Base

Helga Windfury:

– 1 Highly Detailed Dwarf Hero

– Modular weapons: Axe, Hammer.

– 1 Custom Base

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 28 cm


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