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Elder Terrasaur (Poses)

45,0060,00 incl. BTW

This massive creature is said to be born as a small, innocent-looking creature with a seed growing on their back. Over the years, their body grows larger and larger, and the seed slowly grows into a large flower, which they carry along with them for their entire lives. Elder, venerable versions of this dinosaur (A VENErable SAURus, if you will), are known to grow to massive sizes, wielding the power of nature and sunlight itself, shooting immense beams of pure solar power from their large flower. They might look grumpy and unpleasant, but are known as lifelong companions and ambassadors among their kind.

(This model comes in three versions – make sure to select the right one before ordering. Sizes range from 70mm wide and tall to 120mm and 90mm depending on the version. Three versions are available: Swiping, emerging from underground, and half-buried, showing only the massive flower and flora on the creature’s back.)

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