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Evgen Yegorov, Demonhunter Inquisitor

20,00 incl. BTW

Evgen had already lost everything when he became a Warlock. The creature that collapsed his home and destroyed his farm was some manner of fiendish behemoth, far more than any common farmer could hope to defeat. The beast left him ruined and mangled, trapped in the wrecked machinery that used to be his harvester. The voice that called out to him in his final moments was mechanical, a screeching metallic thing that promised a second chance to stand against the chaos. Evgen accepted the contract without question and the old farmer stood once more, his missing arm replaced with bones of copper and steel and his dead eye flashing with electricity. The entity that bound itself to him was some manner of construct, a thing of pure order and logic. It compelled Evgen to “correct” the mistakes that corrupt the world. That day he became a tool, a killing machine dedicated to destroying chaos, and Evgen was happy to comply. (Roughly 25x35mm)

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