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Gino on Wulf-Hog – Dwarven Oathbreakers

20,00 incl. BTW

Between the boar races of Aera, the Wulf-Hog is the mightest of them all, and the most stubborn. This one had been saved by Gino from the Ash Alfar when he was only a cub: since then he never separated from the Oathbreaker leader.

The Wulf-Hog is separated from the rider and it comes in 2 versions: with or without the saddle. If preferred, the Wulf-Hog and Gino can be send unglued.

You can choose from the following

– 1 Highly Detailed Dwarf Hero (mounted)


– 1 Highly Detailed Dwarf Hero (mounted) (no smoking pipe)

– Modular weapons: axe, keg backpack, fists.

– 1 Highly Detailed Wulf Hog (with saddle)


– 1 Highly Detailed Wulf Hog (no saddle)

– 1 Custom Base

Weight 0,1 kg



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