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Hardibeth, the Whisperer of the Woods

40,00 incl. BTW

Hardibeth is young for a hag, a former warlock in the service of Mother Glutkin. In her mortal life, she had a beautiful singing voice, so Grandmother Sin made sure to strip that from her. Now her voice is painful to endure, for her victims and for herself as well. In her current state, she has taken to targeting children specifically, luring them away to the Fey lands and feeding on the uncertainty of their parents never knowing if they will ever return.
Hardibeth chooses her targets carefully, finding their weaknesses and methodically exploiting them. She favors confusion and panic in her magic and is obsessive about making sure that her victims know that in their final moments not only are they dying, but they are also dying alone.

(75mm base, roughly 100mm tall).

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