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Helga Windfury (Hero)

15,00 incl. BTW

No one knows the true age of Helga, who prolongated her life trough the dark rituals who get her exiled from the Dwarven Kingdom. Thanks to Gino, the leader of the Oathbreakers, she learnt how to use her talents for the good. Helga Windfury is a fearsome warrior who uses her mystic abilities to invoke the power of the thunder, both to imbue her weapons or to generate massive storms, extremely useful for their quest. After dozen of years in the Oathbreaker, she became a sort of spiritual guide for the newcomers.

This set includes:

– 1 Highly Detailed Dwarf Hero

– Modular weapons: Axe, Hammer.

– 1 Custom Base

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 25 cm



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