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Hexagods – Dark Guard the fighter

25,00 incl. BTW

Dark Guards are solely focussed to keep their owners safe no matter what. They are the most loyal guards that can be found. They are extremely durable but be careful. When the armour of a Dark Guard breaks, the souls trapped inside will violently break free.

Dark Guards are expendable magical constructs. Powerful arcanists sacrificed the living and fused their souls with a suit of armour so heavy no mortal could hope to wear it. The absence of personality, opinion, and character make sure that they hold the line until the end without even thinking of giving up or turning tail.

This model is part of the free Tabletop game Hexagods, is about 60mm high and comes uncoloured. Our resin is toy-safe and grey in colour. It is possibly to request a custom size.


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