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Kain the Eternal (Bust)

65,00 incl. BTW

Kain the Eternal is thought to be from a line of vampires completely separate from the line of Lilith, a line that she had supposedly destroyed many thousands of years ago. The limp corpse fused into his chest is believed to be that of his elder brother, Althis, who he claims to have loved but also murdered. Much of what is known about this relationship is hearsay as the followers of Lilith destroy any mention of Kain wherever they find it. Kain teaches his followers that the blood hunger is a weakness, and that once all life is extinguished they will be free of its control. This makes Kain a ruthless killer who makes no effort to control or even reason with his enemies. Only in death is there any chance for peace in his eyes. Kain could likely have a devastating bite attack if he chose to use it, but he refuses to give in to his hunger. How he persists without feeding is a mystery that no one has dared to solve.

(Please note that this is bust, and not the actual model! 100mm base, 220mm tall.)

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