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Klobur Stobigul

23,00 incl. BTW

Klobur was raised on the legends of Namad, before the desolation of Khafra. All his life he detested the desert and dreamed of the lush jungles that should have been his home. He traveled the world trying to find his place but Nogoria was too hot and Genir too dry for his tastes. It was in the swamps of Marawyn that his soul found peace. In the swamp he could simply be. Klobur lives in isolation, wanting nothing more of the outside world. He lives and hunts in his adopted home in the way that he always imagined. He does not fear the dark fey who share his home and he has no interest in helping the Rukabak or the Uruden with their problems. Klobur just is.
Klobur is not a heartless creature, but he is particularly short tempered and he hates repeating himself. If someone trespasses into his little world, he gives them one warning before he loses his temper. Once his rage takes hold, it will end in bloodshed.

(25mm base, ~50mm tall).

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