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Kromatur de Oude (Kromatur the Elder Dragon)

100,00 incl. BTW

“Kromatur the Elder (Lore)

Kromatur The Elder, Dragonlord of Dragonpeak is Dragon-God Ghoumir’s firstborn.
As one of the last surviving High Priest of the Old Dragon Cult, Kromatur power wisdom and power is such to compete with the Divine Haralds.
After killing Ghomir, the Tyrant-God Tialevor began to eradicate all cults on Aera by killing all faithful and priests to the defeated gods.
Ghomir, having foreseen what would happen before his death, ordered his firstborn Kromatur to lead his people to the mortal lands of Rotvar to protect and hide the Dragonheart, the Sacred Relic containing Ghomir’s last divine spark.
The Old Dragon Cult settled and built an imposing temple in the Dragonpeaks.
Since those disastrous days, centuries have passed and many have forgotten those ancient battles… great kingdoms were born and fallen, and great Orders such as the Requiem Brotherhood had been founded, but Kromatur patiently remain in the Dragonpeaks protecting the Dragonheart with his people, fierce barbarians who honor the ancient ways, direct discendents of the Old Dragon Cult.”





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