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Luminae (Poses)

30,0035,00 incl. BTW

Luminae are part human, part moth, with elaborate
headdresses giving them the appearance of having multiple segmented eyes. They appear wan and fragile, with small but functional wings giving them greater speed in the air than they have on the ground. They are creations of Celadren, capricious and flighty, and hopelessly drawn to light, the more painfully bright the better.
Luminae prefer not to touch the ground, and will do aerial dive attacks and fly-bys as much as possible, never staying in one place longer than they have to. Drawn to light, they usually target the opponent holding (or emitting) a light source. Failing that, they prefer to attack the least-armored opponent.

(25mm base, roughly 50 to 70mm high, with impressively large wings.)

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