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Mages of the Crescent (Poses)

25,00 incl. BTW

Both terrifyingly beautiful and destructive, the Mage of the Crescent draws their powers from Argantos. Silver and moonstones form the appealing but disquieting look of the Mage, and a headdress crafted from the bones of a dragon that can only be removed willingly, or when dead. Fiercely loyal to the Moon Goddess and all she represents, Mages of the Crescent usually support her as both guards and handmaidens, and will stop at nothing to ensure her passage continues uninterrupted in the night sky.
Mages of the Crescent usually travel alone to carry out orders of the Moon Goddess. They rarely interfere in the affairs of Drifting Havens unless called to do so by their goddess, and will choose retreat over death. Survival leads to further victories, and no battle is ever truly lost, as the night will rise again.

(25mm base, about 50mm tall.)

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