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Panselenoi (Poses)

45,0050,00 incl. BTW

Armored in the purest silver strengthened from moonlight, the sleek and unsettlingly graceful Panselonoi would be difficult to mistake for anything else than otherworldly. Built from the magic of Argantos itself, the armor lies empty of anything save moonlight. But the lack of flesh does not mean lack of will and the desire to test their steel. Relentless and silent, their singular task is to protect Argantos and the goddess who dwells within it.

The Panselonoi believe swiftness and focus lead to quick victories. They prefer melee combat, and will engage the nearest targets. They target other melee creatures first to hear the clashing of blades. With minds as sharp as their weapons, they fight to win, and will never concede ground. Only death will stop them.

(50mm base, between 95 to 110mm tall. Price varies slightly between poses due to size difference.)

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