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Penumbrus, Moon Dragon

110,00 incl. BTW

Penumbrus was drawn to the light of the Moon Goddess like a moth to a flame, shortly after she came into being. The dragon was the first creature to join the goddess in Argantos, and serves both as friend and fierce protector. The Moon Goddess trusts the dragon with one very important duty, above all else—to help bring her light to the darkest night places, and see what secrets lurk within. And to bring those whispered words back to her, so that she may bask in them. Over time, Penumbrus grew so dependent on the attentions of the Moon Goddess that it found itself unable to survive for long outside Argantos. But it does not begrudge the goddess this. If the goddess has no need of its important service, it would happily retire and sleep the days away, curled at her feet.

Penumbrus counts on its flying speed to attack and then withdraw. A reasonable creature, it can be reasoned with, unless under direct orders from the Moon Goddess. Nothing will stop it from completing a task set to it by its goddess. Its demeanor outside Argantos is generally impatient, wanting to return to the palace of its mistress.

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