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Professor Auric Lintor

22,00 incl. BTW

Auric Lintor is a scholar and a teacher at a prestigious academy, and a man constantly at odds with his darker nature. His rational side fights the desires of his flesh, and he is a devotee of Celadren, the goddess of the moon, dedicating his struggle with his lycanthropic side to her in worship.
Auric prefers to be a thinker, not a fighter, but when he has to fight, he does so fiercely in wolf or hybrid form, with teeth and claws. His spells are balanced between those that help him in the course of his studies, and those that make him a ruthless and silent opponent in battle. He relies on his stealth and invisibility to close in on his prey, and his sharp teeth to rip out their unsuspecting throats.

(25mm base, roughly 60mm tall, standing on an elaborate base).

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