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Rukabak (Poses)

20,00 incl. BTW

The Rukabak people are a still kind of people, slow to anger and slow to forgive. They are thoughtful and deliberative, but also notoriously emotionless and pragmatic. They spend most of their lives in the water, though they are not true amphibians. Most groups have little or no skill at metalworking but they can craft ceramics and shell into durable and exquisitely sharp tools.
Rukabak are not rash creatures, usually studying their enemy in great detail before attacking. When they are ready to strike, they have already learned their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses and come up with ways to exploit those weaknesses and neutralize those strengths. Curious folk are advised to stay well clear of the Rukabak, as they are known to capture and eat individuals who start trouble. According to the Rukabak, “Nobody isn’t food.”

(50mm base, 90 to 100mm tall).

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