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Sol the Holiest

30,00 incl. BTW

Sol the Holiest is here to smite the heretics!

Punish legions of demons and vampire and aid the brave heroes who stand with the light! Or you can paint this legendary creature as a dark fallen angel ready to bring doom to anyone who opposes him. Equip Sol with a huge amount of weapons included in this kit, including Chainblades and Guns for the Sci-Fi enthusiast!

This kit include various options:

– 3 Bodies: Socket for 2 wings, 4-6 wings or no wings.

– 4 heads: Bald, Long hair, Hooded and Empty Hood.

– Sculpted Base

– Right Arm included in the body for the weapons:

– Right Hand Hammer

– Right Hand Sword

– Right Hand PoleBlade

– Right Hand Bow

– Right Hand CHAIN BLADE!

– Left Arm with Shield

– Left Arm for weapons:

– Left Hand Sword

– Left Hand Hammer

– Left Hand GUN!

– Wings (use as much wings you want up to 6):

– 2 Middle Wings (L and R)

– 2 Upper Wings (L and R)

– 2 Lower Wings (L and R)

– 2 Middle Wings (no sockets for extra wings).

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 68 cm


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