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Sybil the Dancer

33,00 incl. BTW

Sibyl used to be Grandmother Sin’s protege, powerful and feared throughout the Marawyn. It was Mother Glutkin and her troll minions who murdered Sibyl and took her power. Glutkin ate Sibyl’s legs and gave the tougher bits to her trolls. Sibyl should have been gone forever, but rather than properly disposing of Sibyl’s body and ensuring she would never return, the trolls chopped her remains up and scattered them throughout the swamp. It was no easy task for Sibyl’s familiar to find the pieces but it was not impossible. With no legs to find, Sibyl had to resort to human legs and a bit of necromancy but in time she was able to assemble herself once more and start working on her revenge.
Sibyl was a dangerous foe before her most recent death, but with her return, she has learned her weaknesses and is focused on not making the same mistakes again. She is more careful and less prideful than she was before, as if her being murdered was a lesson – a lesson that she means to take to heart.


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