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The Mongoose

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Madeline Stormwind joined the Illfandurien full of promise and purpose. The elves of the order expected a foolish human who would never be ready to take the Oath of the Ancients, but Madeline was made of stronger stuff than they anticipated. She surrendered her crest, not because she was unworthy but because she judged the Illfandur as idle and ineffective. She trained herself to hunt and exterminate the dark fey without the hesitations and delays of the Order. Madeline put the Order behind her, and she left the name Stormwind as well. As the Mongoose, she hunts the snakes that lurk in the wild places of the world. She has learned to smell the corruption of the fey and she has catalogued all of the precise and careful methods required to guarantee their complete destruction.
The Mongoose prefers to strike from surprise whenever possible. Whether she chooses to use stealth or Misty Step, she is unlikely to fail to surprise her target and surprise is a difficult condition to survive when the Mongoose is near. In order to ensure that her quarry does not use dimensional travel to escape her justice, the Mongoose loads her crossbow with specially enchanted barbed bolts and she has Hag’s Bane in case they try to use Invisibility or illusion to get away.

(25mm base, 30mm tall).

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