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Tiakall, Chiltak Beastlord on Tchoto, Frilled Raptor

44,00 incl. BTW

Tiakall has appointed themself unofficial warden of the Shattered Valley. They have been frustrated by the infighting between the Sitori and the Xantu and have been unable to convince them to accept that they are a single people. They have tried aiding one side or another in the past and had their heart broken by the Agama and their feud. Tiakall has pulled back from both groups and focused their time on the Chiltak, a human tribe that inhabits the northern spur of valley instead. The Chiltak have embraced Tiakall and their riding raptor, Tchoto, naming them members of the tribe. Tiakall broke their vow of noninterference when the Great Ajkin of the Xantu planned a profoundly wicked ambush of the Sitori. Tiakall killed the Great Ajkin and now uses his elementally charged rod as a mace in battle. Tiakall has not learned all of the rod’s secrets, but they can make fire dance from its head, and that is enough for Tiakall. (50mm base, about 60mm tall, and with an impressive tail length of more than 100mm.)

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