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Turtle Hydra

80,00 incl. BTW

Turtle hydras are ravenous beasts. Each head tries to take in enough food for the body, none of them understanding that the other heads are eating just as fast. They grow to enormous size, and after they die the empty shells can serve as meeting places for entire communities.
Turtle hydras are near-perfect predators. They hide in deep lakes and can remain submerged for hours on end, silent and still, just waiting for the moment to strike. In the water they are graceful and agile, the only safety is to get to land where their tremendous bulk is a hindrance. While turtle hydras can grow back lost heads, it is a long and painful process. Because of this, turtle hydras will avoid anything resembling a fair fight, holding out for easy prey that will not threaten or challenge them much. (150mm base, roughly 200mm in length, 150mm high).

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