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Tzeekul the Conquerer riding Prunto, War Stegosaurus

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Tzeekul the Conquerer
Tzeekul is a great hulking beast of an Agama, a near perfect physical specimen. Unfortunately he is also intensely selfish and cruel with no sense of honor or duty to his fellow Agama. His belief that he has died and is therefore immortal has done nothing for his humility and now he thinks that this is his afterlife and he will spend eternity forcing his will on others. He paints himself up in blue warpaint and bellows commands, enjoying the panic on everyone’s faces. Tzeekul is obsessed with being the best of the Agama, and to him best means biggest and strongest and fastest. He has demanded that the Xantu make him a Macuahuitl so large it requires both hands to swing and he has had his spikes coated with Serpentfang poison.

Prunto, War Stegosaurus
Prunto was raised and trained by Tzeekul, and by all accounts treated better than Tzeekul ever treated any Agama. The creature is largely unaware of its own body, scampering like a small puppy rather than a nine-ton behemoth. It is extremely affectionate toward Tzeekul in particular and prone to wagging its tail excitedly when Tzeekul is near, a troublesome behaviour when one’s tail is tipped with foot long spikes. Prunto clearly doesn’t understand what fighting means. Tzeekul has trained it to follow certain commands like “Swing-Tail” and “Stomp” but it is obvious that to Prunto battle is just play time. Even direct violence against Prunto does not make this point as its brain is at least a minute behind on pain processing.

This is an absolutely massive model of Tzeekul riding his beloved War Stegosaurus, Prunto. Not only that, but he has a retinue of four spear-wielding Agama. Prunto is covered in bits and pieces of decoration and sparing armor, but mostly with massive tree trunks tied around his body to provide a stable howdah for the warriors to stand on and hang on to. (150mm base, and the model is at least 300mm high, and at least as long).

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