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Tzuzzerin does not really remember what came before.
She has flashes of a half-elf woman and she thinks that she
was important at one point, but now there is only the hive.
Tzuzzerin brings life to the blooms and protects the hive
from thieves and from bears, that is her only desire now.
Sometimes the memories try to come back but they bring
pain with them and Tzuzzerin does not like it. The queen
makes the pain go away, and the memories with it.
Tzuzzerin has no interest in words. Words are nothing but
brightly colored lies from the nectar thieves. Tzuzzerin
does not ask for words from thieves, she fills the hive with
snares and spikes and then sends her swarms and calls her
lightning. Once the thieves are dead she feeds them to the
flowers because well-fed flowers means hearty nectar for
the Queen.

(25mm base, about 75mm tall).

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