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Varicite Devils (Poses)

25,00 incl. BTW

Varicite Devils are creatures of concentrated evil, born out of the slime of the unholy rivers that flow through the blasted wastes of Damnation. Only the most determined and disgusting soul(s) can bring cohesion to that distilled foulness without succumbing to the mental oblivion of the supernatural waters. Somehow they defy the overwhelming erasure of self that those waters carry and rise up to stand as guardians of the Stygian banks, mighty generals to marshal forces against the constant onslaught of the Demonic Horde. At first glance, they appear half formed, as if the waters were not quite done with them before spitting them out on the shore. They have a doughy softness to them with pudgy limbs and a face that is threatening to be swallowed by  their neck fat at any moment. On the ground, they are ploddingly slow but they move fluidly through the air, even managing to hover despite their unimpressive wings. (Roughly 25mm x 40mm depending on pose)

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