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Wailwasps (Poses)

28,00 incl. BTW

Wailwasps are most often sent to patrol borders and guard prisoners due to their sharpened senses and high mobility. Leaders can be identified by their collections of skulls that they glue to their abdomens with their sticky spittle. They tend to travel in tight groups as protection against the larger predators that hunt them for their delicate and sweet-tasting wings.
Wailwasps have several abilities that can control the battlefield and incapacitate enemies. This is not an indication of mercy, as they are quick to snatch up helpless targets and fly them up over rocks before releasing them. Once they are at half health they can no longer sustain flight and they are much more vulnerable with their clumsy weapons and almost nonexistent walking speed.

(50mm base, roughly 125mm tall).

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